Dear Visitor,

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a European privacy law effective starting May 25, 2018. The GDPR regulates how individuals and organisations may collect, use, and retain personal data, which affects this site too.

This site uses Squarespace Analytics Cookies and Activity Log that I use only to see the amounts of people visiting here, the areas where people visit my site from, and the search keywords. The Activity Log shows also your IP address, but honestly, I do not need it.

Personally I do not collect or store any information about your visit on this site. If you write me an email or write a message to my blog or to my Instagram, order through my online shop or comment to my Flickr-Page, those are all the information that I receive. Nothing else. I do not store any information than the ones that you personally send to me or to my accounts using my sites or sending me messages. Your names and addresses might appear on my invoices, reports or on my bank statement if you have paid something to me, but nothing else. Those I might keep for book-keeping and tax reasons for some years, they are accessible only to me. All this info is behind a password and a locked door.

My memory is different. I might remember a tiny detail, or nothing at all. But I promise, I do take extra care to protect your privacy. If you have any concerns, please send me an email. Or a postcard.  ♥