Summer Forest, 2013.
Underwood plants linnea, wild strawberry, wood sorrel, lily-of-the-valley and harebell with scents of summer. For the Scribble Club of Frankie Magazine, issue 56.



November Forest, 2011.
A little forest to carry with to the other side of the world. A commissioned tattoo design.



Someone really is carrying my forest next to her heart forever. Photo by Liesl P.



Tree of Culture, 2014.
The culture is us. The culture is around us, it is what we do. For The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.



Autumn Sail, 2010.
A small autumn voyage to see what is on the other side of the small forest pond.



Autumn Home, 2010.
A warm shelter to hide away from raining leaves of autumn. For Small Draw by Small Magazine.



Reading, 2011.
It is good to read about cats together. For The Finnish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.



Spring Is Coming, 2009.
Spring comes always like it was first hiding somewhere.